How to Authenticate Chanel Flats

Chanel flats are a wardrobe essential. Find out how to authenticate Chanel flats with help from the Haute House PR and Marketing Co-Founder and CEO in this free video clip.

Video Transcript

Bonjour Chanel lovers. I’m Jordan Landes-Brenman, and today I’m going to be telling you how you can authenticate your Chanel flats. My Chanel flats are a wardrobe essential. But there are a lot of fakes out there. Here are some tips so that you can tell whether or not you have a real pair of Chanel flats on your hands. One of the very first things to look for when making sure that your Chanel flats are real is to look for the interlocking CC logo that Chanel is known for on the tow. Yep got that. Then look on the inside of the shoe for the interlocking CC logo as well as the word Chanel spelled out. These are very well loved yet I can still spot it. Lastly, turn over the shoe, look for the interlocking CC logo yet again as well as the made in Italy as well as the size. These are 38 and a half which is European sizing. If your shoes have all of these details, then they are real. If not, I would double check, make sure you’re looking at them wisely.


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